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When you need help putting on an event to remember–Our “Job” and function is to find just the right Band, Recording Artist, Comedian, Celebrity, Vocalist, DJ or Full Orchestra for your event at the best available price. We pride ourselves in representing YOU, the buyer, unlike many major agencies who aggressively promote their in-house artists. Over 20 years of dealing with Artists and their agents have enabled us to establish a repore with them that makes it easier to deliver your requirements within your budget. Whether you are a novice or a pro at booking and buying Entertainment, we will simplify your task so that at “Showtime,” you may even be able to take a seat and enjoy the show. You are going to like the way we work! That’s Entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corporate Events, Conventions & Trade Shows In planning entertainment for corporate events, the focus is on the reason for the event…Announcements, Celebrations, Promotions, Management Changes, Trade Shows, Conventions, Retirements, Holiday Parties or even for a Morale Booster. This will usually help make the decision on the size and type of the affair but also the appropriate entertainment required. As we said earlier, entertainment comes in all styles and sizes; it could consist of a DJ spinning records for dancing or a piano player for dinner background music, to a full-blown concert featuring national or regional artists & acts…following the speeches and the accolades of the evening. Bear in mind, that the venue or place where the function is being held must be suitable for this type of act. The budget also will be influenced by the type and size of the affair. The other basic rules for planning entertainment and concerts, as outlined in these pages still apply, with greater or lesser importance given to the various items. Call Us…We Can Help Fundraisers & Charities: Planning and promoting concerts for fundraisers and charities need to adhere to the basic rules, with few changes. The reason for the event is obvious…the named charity or recipient…but you still need a plan to bring the event to a successful conclusion. The main difference is the budget. The expenditures for fundraisers and charity functions should be replaced as much as possible by donations, discounts, sponsorship and underwriting. Therefore, flexibility in your planning is of the utmost importance. If something is being donated or heavily discounted, you need to have it fit in with your planning. You even may get a place to hold the concert or event donated if you can make it work in your overall plan…Flexibility is an important part of your plan. Try to be as flexible as possible with your date, choice of artist, etc. One area where donations are rare is the actual entertainment and or artists…the exception being in the case of a local or national circumstance, emergency or disaster, where artists have been known to donate their time and services. However, great entertainment can be had for a lesser amount by choosing a Tribute Act rather than the original artists. Early planning makes many things possible to bring cost down and revenues up… Call Us…We Can Help. Clubs: To All Club Owners Everywhere… Have you ever stopped to realize your importance in the nurturing of entertainment talent? You have provided a proving ground and a venue for almost every artist and act in the entertainment field. How many “garage bands” got their first gig in a small neighborhood club…were well received and got a second gig …continued to larger clubs and venues…became full time professionals and or became famous in their field? Although not every great artist or act started in a garage, I think you’ll agree that they all had to start somewhere…and that somewhere often could have been a club. The point of all this is to inform you Club Owners, big and small, that we recognize your importance to the Entertainment business. If and when you are considering adding entertainment to your activities…we can provide you with advice and service to suit your needs. Call Us…We Can Help. Fairs Fairs are usually annual affairs sponsored by a State or County government to promote and attract recognition and outside interests. They are not held primarily to make money but instead are set up to be self-supporting. In most cases, however, they usually end up with a profit. They usually run for a week or more, or at least a long weekend. Activities include exhibits and booths featuring agricultural and homemaking interests among others. A gate fee is charged for general admission which includes all exhibits and access to the usual games, rides and food booths which of course charge for their wares. An important part of the fair program ia the entertainment consisting of concerts featuring top name artists and acts. According to the size of the fair, there may be performances each day or evening or just on designated days. A special “hard ticket” is sometimes sold to see these acts which are held in an area apart from the regular exhibits. They are generally well supported by the attending fair patrons who would not normally can see these well-known artists and acts. As with all concerts, planning is essential and should be done with as much lead time as possible to have the desired entertainment. Promotion of this top talent is especially important since these artists are a great draw for all fairs and ideally can be self-supporting. Call on Us…We Can Help Parties (Reasons for and Planning Of) Parties are held for many reasons but in all cases, they are primarily a source of enjoyment and entertainment for invited guests. Private parties are held to celebrate holidays and special events in our lives or in the lives of loved ones. Corporate parties on the other hand, are usually held and suppimented by an important underlying reason or business decision. Some of the reasons companies have parties might include: the retirement of an important officer, manager or employee. Rather than simply presenting the traditional gold watch at an office gathering, the presentation is made at a dinner party, a cocktail party or even a luncheon. Any of these events can be embellished with some form of entertainment depending on the scope of the affair and the budget. Remember, it is entirely possible to eliminate entertainment at any of these functions, but why then, plan a party at all. The buildup of relationships between company and employees is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Other reasons for a party are promotions, holidays such as Christmas, incentives and goal achievements…let’s not forget that sometimes you don’t really need a strong reason at all. Entertainment for parties can and will vary, as always, according to the size and type of the affair as well as the allotted budget…and may include speakers, celebrities, comedians, recording artists, dance music, bands and even DJ’s. Call or Email Us…We Can Help Festivals: Festivals are a kind of hybrid since they can be held for any reason, at any time and for any purpose. You’ve seen or been involved with an assortment of festivals such as Pumpkin Festival, Strawberry Festival, Fourth of July Festival, Old Time Festival etc. Pick a theme and you can hold a Festival. They are planned to be largely self-supporting with sponsors thru out, using banners and large signage. There is normally no admission since they are usually held in a designated area such as Main Street or the town park etc. Festivals can run for a week or a weekend with entertainment planned for each day at a designated space where a stage can be set up. This is the area where sponsors will hang banners and signs to plug their own interests. As you can see concerts and entertainment are an integral part of festivals are subject to the same planning as other concerts. The size of the festival and the generosity of the sponsors usually dictate the size of the budget available for booking the artists and the acts. Festivals are usually well attended especially when good talent is obtained and properly promoted. They are especially popular in small towns or areas that have a reputation for a particular product or commodity. Call Us…We Can Help Concert Promotion: Concert promotion, as a personal profit venture, has been amply covered in previous pages so we won’t cover it again here. All this and more comes into play when an organization such as a Service Club, Fraternal Organizational, or Municipality is involved. The immediate difference is that all decision making is by committee rather than by an individual. Therefore, to make the important choices as to when, what, who, where and how, a committee becomes involved. This committee is usually chaired by a chairperson who is empowered to act for the group when the decision is made. This can be a good thing since responsibility will now be shared as well as the accolades and any and all blame. Since we know that committees, as a rule, may work painfully slow, it becomes imperative to start planning the event as far in advance as possible. The reason for the event, amount to be raised, budget, the date for the event (with an alternative date if possible), the target audience, the place where it will be held and most important…the artist or act that will headline the show, all need to be addressed. WOW!…that’s a lot of planning…but that’s what it takes to put on a successful concert that will produce the desired rewards. Basically, this is “concert promotion 101″. However, there will major differences depending of course, on the first item to be considered…the reason for the event. You will see many differences in the application when we discuss some of the other areas for planning concerts in the pages that follow. Concert Promotion can best be managed with a business plan which will provide the answer to that important question…”why and how are we planning this concert” Once you have the answer…all the other items will be decided with the successful outcome uppermost in mind. Call Us…We Can Help College Events: Planning a College event concert still requires following the basic rules. The main being that the entertainment is key, with the budget being secondary to the desired artist or act performing. College students have different tastes in entertainment which may not fit any of the promotions outlined before. The act or artist must have personal appeal to the students and usually are more current in their music and themes. This doesn’t mean that only a super star can fill this need since in many cases, a lesser artist, playing the trendy music that is demanded, can fill the bill. Our rosters are filled with a great selection of artists to choose from…especially with enough advance notice. Bear in mind that the costs for these acts tend to be high also. New names and phrases have been coined to describe this music…some of these which have emanated from the original Rock are: “heavy metal” – “techno”- “hip hop” -” reggae” – “alternative rock” – etc. etc. etc. Whatever your tastes and desires… Call Us…….We can help. Weddings Here comes the Bride…All dressed in White…hold on …is she dressed in white…these days, nothing is certain…not even the color of the bride’s dress. The traditional color of white has given way to ivory, pink and even black. The only thing certain is that two “people” are getting married (and not necessary male and female). Also certain is the fact that there will be some sort of celebration which could include just the couple, just the wedding party, just the families. just the families and close friends and of course, all of the above and then some. The message that we want to convey here is that anything and everything goes, according to your dreams, tastes, ideas and of course , budget. This will also be true of the entertainment you will be using to celebrate this special day. It would be pointless to list the types of entertainment that can be used…suffice to say that whatever you want…we can get and advise you about it…from an accordion player to having Mickey Mouse act as your “Greeter” (yes, we have done this). Unlimited budgets create fantastic ideas for entertainment…smaller budgets may cause a curtailment of some of your ideas but not the quality and appropriateness. Call Us…We Can Help National Rock Artists: 10,000 MANIACS, ​​​LEFT FOR DEAD​​​, 38 SPECIAL, LEON RUSSELL​, ​​​A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, ​​LESLIE WEST OF MOUNTAIN AIR SUPPLY​​, ​​LISA GUYER BAND (FEATURING BARRY GOUDREAU) ALDO NOVA​​​, ​LITTLE FEAT​​​, ALICE COOPER, LITTLE RIVER BAND​​​, AMBROSIA​​​​, LUXX​​​​AMERICIA, LYNYRD SKYNYRD​, ​​ANIMAL BAG​​​MANOWAR ANTHRAX​​​​MARK FARNER OF GRAND FUNK RAILROAD ARETHA FRANKLIN​​​MARSHALL TUCKER BAND​ART GARFUNKEL MATCHBOX 20​​​​ARTIMUS PYLE BAND​​MEAT LOAF AVERAGE WHITE BAND​​​MELISSA ETHERIDGE​ BACHMAN – TURNER OVERDRIVE MEN AT WORK​​​​BADLEES​​​BAY CITY ROLLERS METALLICA​​​​BENNY MARDONES​​MICHAEL MC DONALD BILLY SQUIRE​​​​MICHAEL STANLEY BAND​BLACK CROWS MIGHTY, MIGHTY, BOSSTONES​​BLACK OAK ARKANSAS​​MODERN ENGLISH BLACKEYED SUSAN​​​MOLLY HATCHET​​BLESSID UNION OF SOULS MONKEES​​​​BLONDIE​​​MOODY BLUES BLUE OYSTER CULT​​​MOONDOG MANE . . . FEATURING FRANK HANNON BRIAN MC KNIGHT​​​NANTUCKET​​​BRIAN WILSON NAZARETH​​​​NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE BRUCE HORNSBY​​​NIGHT RANGER​​​BRYAN ADAMS NILE RODGERS & CHIC​​​BUDDY MILES​​​NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND BULLET BOYS​​​​NO DOUBT​​​NRBQ BUSBOYS​​​​OAKLEY, KRIEGER & BETTS​CALL ORLEANS​​​​CHASTAINE​​​OUTFIELD CHEAP TRICK​​​​OUTLAWS​​​CHICAGO OZARK MOUNTIAN DAREDEVILS​​CHRISTOPHER CROSS​​PAT BENATAR CINDERELLA​​​​PAT TRAVERS​​​CLASSIC ROCK ALL – STARS PAUL RODGERS OF BAD COMPANY​CLASSIC ROCK PILE​​PEARL JAM COMMANDER CODY & HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN​​​PETER FRAMPTON COMMODORES​​​​PETER WOLF​​​COPPERHEAD PRECIOUS METAL​​​COREY STEVENS​​​PRINCE (Tribute Band) CUB CODA​​​​PRINCESS PANG​​​CYNDI LAUPER QUIET RIOT​​​​D-GENERATION​​​RANDY BACHMAN DANGER DANGER​​​RARE EARTH​​​DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES RATT​​​​​DAVE MASON​​​REO SPEEDWAGON DAVID CLAYTON –THOMAS ” BLOOD SWEAT TEARS”​​​RICHARD MARX DAVID LEE ROTH​​​RICK DANKO​​​DEE SINDER OF TWISTED SISTER RICK SPRINGFIELD​​​BEEP BLUE SOMETHING​​ROBBIE DUPREE DIRTY LOOKS​​​​BOBBY KRIEGER​​​DIXIE ALLSTARS ROBERT TEPPER​​​​DOKKEN​​​ROBIN TROWER DON MC LEAN​​​​ROLLIN STONES​​​DOOBIE BROTHERS ROMANTICS​​​​DREAM THEATER​​SAIGON KICK EDDIE MONEY​​​​SALLY TAYLOR​​​EDGER WINTER BAND SAMMY HAGER​​​​ELECTRIC GYPSIES TOUR​SAVOY BROWN ELVIN BISHOP​​​​SEALS & SAUNDERS (MELVIN & MERL) ELVIS COSTELLO​​​SKID ROW​​​ERIC CARMEN SOFA KING. . (FORMERLY OF TESLA)​FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS​FIREFALL SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES​​​​STAIND FIREHOUSE​​​​STARSHIP. . . . FEATURING “MICKEY THOMAS” FUEL​​​​​STEPHEN STILLS​​​G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE STEVE MILLER BAND​​​GARY RICHRATH BAND​​STYX GEORGE THOROGOOD & THE DESTROYERS​​​​SUPERCEL GEORGIA SATELLITES​​​SURVIVOR​​​GILBY CLARKE SWEET WATER​​​​GIRLS SCHOOL​​​TESLA GO – G0’S​​​​THE B – 52’S​​​GODSMACK THE BYRDS CELEBRATION​​GOO GOO DOLLS​​THE CARS’ … BENJAMIN ORR GOV’T MULE (w / WARREN HAYNES)​​​​​THE FIXX GRAND FUNK RAILROAD​​THE FOOLS​​​GREAT WHITE THE KNACK​​​​GREGG ALLMAN & FRIENDS​THE TUBES W / FEE WAYBILL GUESS WHO​​​​THIN LIZZY​​​HEADEAST THREE DOG NIGHT​​​HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH ​TIM REYNOLDS HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS​​TODD RUNDGREN​​HUMBLE PIE TOMMY TUTONE​​​IRON BUTTERFLY​​TOTO’S – BOBBY KIMBALL J. G. B.​​​​​TOWER OF POWER​ ​JACKYL TRIXTER​​​​JASON BONHAM​​UGLY KID JOE JEFFERSON STARSHIP​​​UNION​​​​JIM MESSINA V. C. R. . . (VOICES OF CLASSIC ROCK)​JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS VANILLA FUDGE​​​​JOE COCKER​​​VIXEN JOHN CAFFERTY & THE BEAVER BROWN BAND​​​​WANG CHUNG JOHN ENTWISTLE – OF THE WHO​WAR​​​​JOHN HALL WARRANT​​​​JOHN WAITE​​​WASP JOHNNY WINTER​​​WINGER​​​KANSAS WORLD CLASSIC ROCKERS​​KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD​ZAKK WYLDE L A GUNS​​​​ZEBRA​​​​ We also have Talent Rosters for: National Country Artists ​​National Commercial Artists​National Oldies Artists National Comedy Artists ​​Tribute Bands ​​​National Rock Artists All acts above are from the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and national tribute acts such as Kiss, Motley Crew, AC/DC, Guns and Roses and many more… For more information, please call Ron at