DSTV Radio Network

On Monday July 24th, 2017, the Dirty South TV Radio Network was Re-launched in order to fully correspond with and compliment our Television Network and Original Programming.

You’ll notice an exponential increase in independent music, music categories, DJ’s and original programming Dirty South TV Radio Shows as we enter 2022.

Dirty South TV

If you’re a DJ that would like to join our network, an independent artist or band that would like your original music (no cover music please) aired on one of our multiple radio stations, or your original music-music videos aired on Dirty South TV, please Contact Us via our Contact page on our website located at DirtySouthTV.com. Please let us know the reason you’re are contacting us, and please also provide all of your contact information in the email.

We are changing the music industry. We’ll never tolerate the stranglehold the music industry has had on the artists and bands all these years. Now the people will decide who they listen to.

Let us help you launch your original music!